Year Zero Films

'A Letter to the Prime Minister, Jo Wilding's Diary from Iraq' 2005


Focusing on the effect of sanctions and war on civilians and where this breached Geneva conventions.


An eye witness account of the build up to war in Iraq, including the legal challenge of sanctions in the UK, the non violent resistance to the war.  Jo brings the Circus to Iraq, to help traumatized children and become's a witness to the seige of Falluja in April 2004 by the US Military.


Tinker's Return 2004


This short film explores low impact development in South West England.  Tinker’s Bubble is a community set out to live sustainably in the woods with no reliance of fossil fuels.  It follows pioneering family who set up their own farm in a field and build their home in a low impact and sustainable way.


Since the film was made they received temporary, renewable permission to stay and work on the land.  Made for BBC Inside Out. 2004  Filmed and Directed by Julia Guest

End of the Runway


Looking into the impact of the proposed third Runway development at Heathrow on local people, the environment and the climate.


Made for Al Jazeera English in 2007, the campaign against the proposal continues to date.