Year Zero Films was formed in 2004 by Julia Guest - Director/producer and cinematographer I make documentaries on events and issues that deeply affect me. They are the world as I see it, what resonates for me at that moment in my life as the most important thing I can do with my time. As each film goes into the world, they take on their own meaning for other people and add another shade to how we understand ourselves in this complex world. I studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths, graduating in 1991, it inspired me to understand and interpret the world with the best creative tool for the purpose. I have been a visual storyteller for over twenty years. Working as a photojournalist for International publications and having a number of solo and group photography exhibitions. Turning to film making in 2001. My experience has been predominantly working in areas in conflict, environment and spirituality having spent a year filming in Iraq 2003 – 2004, producing "A letter to the Prime minister, Jo Wildings Diary from Iraq” being the best known to date after winning Best International Documentary from Al Jazeera. I also write expert witness reports for Asylum seekers in the UK and am developing a slate of new films. This site is just a taste of some of my work, I intend to keep updating over the coming years. .

Past Collaborators


Jo Wilding is a human  rights barrister specialising in refugee law and unlawful detention. She is a research fellow at the University of Brighton, focussing on unaccompanied asylum seeking children. Her writing from Iraq has been published as a book, “Don’t Shoot the Clowns” and her reporting from Fallujah, included in the anthology “Tell Me No Lies”, was described by editor John Pilger as “the best and bravest eyewitness journalism”.


Richard Hering - Editor, "A Letter to the Prime Minister"


Emma Holbrook - Assistant editor, colour grade and sound mix " In Her Image"